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California Medical Marijuana Lawyer

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California Medical Marijuana Lawyer Randall T. Longwith is one of the most sought after Attorneys in California. Mr. Longwith’s practice primarily focuses California Medical Marijuana Advocacy. He is the Chair of the Orange County Chapter of American’s for Safe Access or “ASA” and fights daily for safe dignified access to medical marijuana patients. In his role as one of the state’s primary  medical marijuana advocates, Mr. Longwith is has played a key role in furthering legal access to medical marijuana. He has drafted multiple city initiatives for the legalization of medical marijuana including initiatives in the cities of Santa Ana and Costa Mesa. California Medical Marijuana Lawyer Randall T. Longwith is currently in the process of writing additional city initiatives to bring medical marijuana dispensaries to a city near you.

California Medical Marijuana Lawyer Randall T. Longwithctive  on state and federal criminal defense, and political advocacy. As a defense attorney, Mr. Longwith has successfully defended some of the state’s most high profile cases.

As a political advocate, Mr. Longwith is presently working to reform medical marijuana laws in cities throughout California. Mr. Longwith believes that patients in California deserve and are entitled to have dignified safe access to medical marijuana. Mr. Longwith has written and introducing initiatives in the cities of Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Placentia, San Clemente, and other cities throughout the state. The initiatives are referred to “Acts to Regulate and Restrict the Operation of Medical Marijuana Businesses” or the “ARRO” initiatives.  If passed, the initiatives would allow cities to administer business licenses to medical marijuana dispensaries… finally.

Why are these medical marijuana initiatives necessary? Before answering that, lets talk about the problem.  Back in 1996, the residents of California overwhelmingly passed Prop 215, the Compassionate Use Act which, under certain circumscribed circumstances, legalized medical marijuana in the sate of California. Within the text of Prop 215 it was demanded that government of the state of California come up with a framework to get medical marijuana into the hands of the patients who need it. The state has failed to do this. For the past nearly 20 years, California has sat on their hands and did nothing to implement the mandates of Prop 215. Moreover, last year the California Supreme Court in the case of The City of Riverside vs. Inland Empire Wellness Center ruled that cities can ban medical marijuana dispensaries in their borders through zoning laws. Consequently, the solution is to draft laws, initiatives, and allow the residents of the cities themselves to vote. That is exactly what I am doing. If you would like any additional information or would like to get involved in helping get these laws passed, please call my office at 714-699-4384.


If you have been charged with a crime in California involving medical marijuana or are are considering opening or operating a medical marijuana collective in California to assist those in need, you need to have the most experienced and skilled legal advocate at your side.

The lawyers at our Southern California medical marijuana lawyer firm AND CALIFORNA Medical Marijuana Lawyer law firm are experts in helping set up, incorporate, and assist in compliance protocol for medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the state of California. Moreover,not only are the attorneys at the California Medical Marijuana Lawer firm of Randall T. Longwith successful at aiding clients with opening medical marijuana dispensaries and operating medical marijuana collectives in California, but the medical marijuana attorneys at the California Medical Marijuana Lawyer firm of the Law Offices of Randall T. Longwith Law Firm are successful at representing medical marijuana collectives, their owners, patients and the medical marijuana dispensary staff in civil lawsuits, appeals and in criminal cases throughout Southern California. They represent individuals and collectives throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside counties, San Diego county and the bay area.

The California Medical Marijuana Lawer firm of Randall T. Longwith can help you weave your way through to the complicated and ever changing legal maze of California Medical Marijuana Laws. Our attorneys at our California Medical Marijuana lawyer firm are here to help you understand and thrive in your goal to help those in need obtain the medication they need.

California Medical Marijuana Lawyer

Medical Marijuana Laws in California are complicated… very complicated.  Federal Laws say one thing. California laws say another. Still county and city laws say a third. The experienced medical marijuana lawyers at the Law Offices of Randall T. Longwith can help you navigate through this complex legal system that is the California Medical Marijuana legal system. We begin by offering you a consultation regarding your needs and wants relating to Medical Marijuana… whether you are interested in opening a medical marijuana dispensary in California or you are already operating a California medical marijuana dispensary and need assistance maintaining compliance with California medical marijuana laws we are can  help.   The attorneys at the California Medical Marijuana Lawyer firm of the Law Offices of Randall T. Longwith  can address your concerns and questions relating to medical marijuana industry in California, the legal system of California’s medical marijuana laws and just what it takes to legally operated a medical marijuana dispensary in California or legally operate a medical marijuana collective in California.

The attorneys at the California Medical Marijuana Lawyer firm of the Law Offices of Randall T. Longwith  perform and handle all aspects of Marijuana law  – from incorporation to criminal defense. Our California Medical Marijuana lawyers can incorporate your nonprofit mutual benefit medical marijuana corporation under California state law so that it complies with the California Medical Marijuana Act (California Prop 215) and the Medical Marijuana Program Act (SB 420).  Not only can our Orange County Medical Marijuana attorney’s incorporate your California Medical Marijuana Collective or Medical Marijuana dispensary, they also ensure that your Medical Marijuana Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation complies and continues to comply with the Medical Marijuana Laws in California. This is done by making sure that that the corporate bylaws and corporate procedures meticulously comply with California Medical Marijuana laws. Additionally, our medical marijuana lawyers will assist you with the appointment of the medical marijuana corporation directors and officers, ensuring that they are appointed correctly and according to corporate and tax law. We also ensure that your medical marijuana non-profit mutual benefit corporate board meetings and a corporate binder is compliant with California corporate law and California Medical Marijuana law.

Our California Medical Marijuana lawyer firm also assists you and your medical marijuana dispensary with documentation that will aid you in staying compliant with the California Medical Marijuana laws. These documents include, but are not limited to the following: Corporate Rules and Regulations, business rules and regulations, Collective Membership Agreements, Grower’s Agreement, Employee Handbooks and Operations Manuals, Transportation Agreements, Verification Scripts, HIPPA authorizations, as well as Primary Caregiver Forms. Theses documents aid Medical Marijuana patients and medical marijuana collectives maintain legal compliance with California Medical Marijuana Laws, including California Medical Marijuana Act and the California Medical Marijuana Program.

California Medical Marijuana Lawyer

Because of his expertise in front of juries and his successful jury trial record, California Medical Marijuana Lawyer Randall T. Longwith has also become a go to attorney for many of Orange County’s high profile criminal cases. Mr. Longwith is also frequently appears on television, radio, and in newspapers because of his successful representations. Mr. Longwith has appeared and his cases have been discussed on Dr. Phil, MSNBC, KABC, NBC, KTTV, KTLA, The Orange County Register, as well as many other newscasts.

While we have earned a reputation as the premier Orange County Defense Attorney firm, we still charge legal fees commensurate with those of other firms.

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